“Four Natural Herbal Things” used for ‘Facial Hair Removal’ and Their Application.

“Facial Hair” is one of the health precursor which might not be a bad thing for Males , but as for a women reverse is the case , what if a female has a mustache on her face though it might not a problem for a male , even it is not as serious as a male own, it still spoil the outlook of the female most especially , I’m here to help you on how you can get rid of it , the natural ingredients , application & usage.

1. Egg
Egg is a natural yield from animals , most especially chicken and all various of mammals that lay eggs for ‘reproduction’ , it is one of the “natural ingredients” that can be used in removal of facial hair.

All you need is mixing it up with a starch and a sugar then form a thick solid , then apply it on your face like a face mask ,give it time to dry off like 30 minutes , then remove the articial facemask with it , then the hair will be removed.

Lime is a natural fruit with natural vitamin , it helps in removal of smells and facial hair.
Lime is one of the domestic and popular ways on which “mustache” can be removed , it is as simple.


Step 1
Pieces the lime with knife , and get the ‘lime juice’ out of it.

Step 2
Application of “lime juice” on your face generally.

Step 3
Give it time to dry off as soon as 45minutes.

Step 4
Wash it with ease then the “facial hair” will be removed.

3. Pawpaw
Pawpaw is a kind of natural fruit that contain enzyme called papain’ produced from extractions of “papaya latex“.

Look for a raw pawpaw then blend it up with a kitchen blender , chill and add a tumeric powder along , instantly apply it on the face , put more where the facial hair is , Chill for some minutes usually five minutes for dryness , Rinse it with a pure water , repeat the process regularly per day then watch out for a change. The “facial hair” will gradually be removed.

Most naturally food ingredients, it’s also beneficial for hair removal on the body.

All you need to do is , Get a Natural Honey – After Heating it. Instantly apply it to the most affected part where the facial hair grew. You hold on for a while then you find a clean towel for cleaning your face , you will notice the hair falls off by itself.

We still have more ways , but these are the ‘most beneficial and Domestic ways‘ one can easily practice.

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